Electricity savings and stability for commercial, multi-family residential, and industrial property owners:

  1. Fixed, long term energy rates that are 10% to 20% lower than utility rates.
  2. Additional energy savings generated as utility prices increase.
  3. Multi-Family Residential and Low Income Housing property owners will see their common area electric bills all but eliminated.



Our solar systems are exceptional sales and marketing tools, but the benefits extend to business security and increased community support:

  1. Green business practices are noticed and are well received by your community and the media.
  2. You will be demonstrating a firm commitment to causes that are important to your customers, tenants, and employees.
  3. You will be creating “green” jobs in your local area.
  4. Shaded parking is desired by customers and employees for the protection it offers their vehicles.


The majority of our grid electricity is made by burning fossil fuel. In the process billions of tons of C02 are released into the atmosphere. The increased levels of C02 in the atmosphere allows heat from the sun to reach the surface of the earth, but does not allow for the excess radiation (heat) to be reflected back into space. The result is global warming. The benefits of a solar system are:

  1. Solar energy is a clean, zero emission, energy source.
  2. Just 1 kW of solar energy keeps 150,000 lbs. of C02 out of the atmosphere over the life of the system.
  3. Just 1 kW of solar energy has the yearly C02 cleansing ability of 260 trees.