Frequently Asked Questions

We try and answer the most commonly asked questions from our clients. Please let us know if we forgot something.

What is Solar Photovoltaics?
Solar Photovoltaics is a method for generating solar power by using solar cells packaged in modules to convert light energy from the sun into electricity. Simply put, a photovoltaic (PV) solar panel works by photons from the sunlight knocking electrons into a higher state of energy, creating electricity.Will my system still work on cloudy days?Yes, and for the same reason you can get sunburned on overcast days at the beach … ultraviolet rays. Your PV or solar power system uses the full spectrum of light, so even if the rays do not appear visible, they are still charging your system. However, the systems do not work efficiently if they are located in areas that are blocked from the sun by trees or buildings. Our Totalis experts will analyze your property and recommend the best placement for your system for optimum energy production.

Are there really No Upfront or Hidden Costs?
Yes – Really! Totalis will design and install a solar system to meet the needs of your business with absolutely no out of pocket expenses incurred by you. You only pay a discounted rate for the electricity you use once the system is activated.

Do I have to find my own contractors?
No. This is where Totalis differs from the majority of solar companies out there. We do everything in-house using our own highly trained staff. From the design phase through permitting and installation – we handle it all. Solar is all we do. We provide a completely worry-free, cost-free means for your business to save money on electricity while providing you with a clean, zero-emission energy source.

Will I still need electricity from my utility company?
In most cases, yes. Your solar system generates electricity when the sun is out which is when there is peak demand. But your utility will continue to supply electricity at night or at times when you are using more electricity than you are generating. Totalis will analyze your electric bill and your property to design your solar system to best meet your usage needs. You will still have a small bill from your utility company, but the majority of the energy you use will be your discounted solar.

Will my system work when the utility grid is down?
Yes, if your solar PV system is designed with battery backup. When utility power fails, the batteries provide electricity to priority circuits, allowing uninterrupted operation of important loads for eight to 12 hours. The sun will automatically recharge your batteries during daylight hours. Totalis knows how important it is to keep your business up and running, and will incorporate battery backup into your solar system at no additional cost to you.

How long will a solar system last?
With proper installation and maintenance, (which is what we do best) a solar PV system will last well beyond 25 years, which is the warranty length of most of the system’s components. There are systems that are over 30 years old and still going strong.