Flexible Designs

Totalis customizes each system to meet each customer’s site-specific needs using a variety of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies including on/off grid solar photovoltaic, car charging and LED lighting systems.

Roof SystemsCommercial rooftops are prime real estate for solar panels. They provide the opportunity to turn unused space into a solar energy field that powers your company with clean renewable energy while significantly reducing your electric bill.

Parking CanopiesThis is our most popular design. Not only does it cut the cost of your electricity by 10%, but it keeps your customer’s and employee’s cars cooler in the summer and protects them from rain and snow. We can even design covered walkways for you. Your parking lot now provides a means of lowering your company’s operating expenses. And with the growing popularity of hybrid and electric automobiles, we can even add charging stations to your system.

Ground Arrays
Converting unused land into a clean energy solution will reduce energy costs and provide a hedge against rising electricity rates.

Resilient Systems Provide Power When the Grid Fails

Our solar systems can be designed to include battery back-up, and/or fuel cell technology to protect against unexpected power outages. Unlike other backup systems that require gasoline, propane or natural gas, these batteries are solar powered with clean energy from the sun. Your batteries are charged and topped off every day while the sun is out to ensure that you have power during unforeseen blackouts. So even if the grid is down, your customers can still count on your services.┬áSolar-powered battery backups provide an extremely reliable system for keeping your business operating – even when the utility company’s power fails.

LED Energy Efficient Lighting – through our affiliate EESpectrum.

Our smart LED program can reduce your lighting load by as much as 85%. Let Totalis replace your existing lighting with a smart LED system. Not only do LED’s consume less energy than conventional lighting or CFL’s, but they can also be programmed and customized to your business needs. Automatic scheduling, motion detectors, and other features guarantee you will have reliable lighting when you need it.